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   Rulers of Darkness of This Age

  Spiritual Wickedness in Heavenly Places



  Don't Be A Chicken !

        Training in Truth Boot Camp


  We are in a war !​  

Only the serious

will endure !


    There'sAn Enemy  in

Our World  

devil      satan    apollyon


     There is an enemy in our world that is

     more deadly than the most fatal disease,

     more craftier than a fox, and more vicious than

     a rabid animal.

     He lurks in the darkened areas of our cities

     and our towns, setting traps for those that

    are weak and innocent. It does not matter

    their age, who they are, or what they do. He

    will trap them all  !


    He kills, steals, and destroys !  No one is

    safe from his evil plan. The churches are even

    in his grasp and he laughs at them as he makes

    a mockery of the name of God. He deliberately  

   defiles the church of the living God and 

   everything that is holy and righteous.


   Every day that goes by he is doing his evil deeds,      more and more in the light of day. More and 

   more there is a bloody trail seen in the open, as

   if there is no power on earth to stop him...

     Who is this silent murderer ? This wicked, 

   vile shadow that lurks in the darkened

    corners of our life and mind? Who is  

   destroyer that takes everything that is good 

   and moral in our lives and turns it into  

   something vile and disgusting  ? 

   How many more families must suffer and

   be destroyed ? How many more lives must

   be lost ? How many more days will rise for          you ? Who will hear the cries of those 

   trapped in the evil web of this enemy  and 

   rise up and sound the call of deliverance !


  What is it going to take for eyes to be 

  opened up to the fact that the enemy of our 

  soul has taken over  the lives on planet earth ?


   Who will sound the alarm and blow the 

  warring trumpet ?

  Who will be the one to cry, " prepare ye for 

  war" ?

  Who will listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit 

   long enough to receive the battle plans to 

   defeat the enemy ?

   Who will be the first one to build God's army 

   and declare the victory over the enemy until

   he is defeated and boldly go where no man 

   has gone before ?

YOU !    Will It Be YOU !

     Will  YOU   stand on the front lines of 

  the battlefield, in the line of fire just to 

                    save one lost soul ?

​       Will  YOU  be willing to play the price 

       What will your strength of  YOUR 

                    endurance be ?

       How bad do YOU  want freedom...…

             for YOURSELF...… even YOUR 

                    own  family  members

​​                               ​               How Bad !!

 EPHESIANS 4: 10 -13

 ISAIAH 58: 12

      " Put on the Whole Armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 

         For we do not  wrestle  against  flesh and blood, but we wrestle against Principalities, against 

         Powers , against Rulers of  Darkness of this  Age, against  Spiritual  Wickedness in  Heavenly 

              Places".     ( Ephesians 6: 12​)


​​     God is resurrecting His troops out of their graves and  making  

                        them steadfast and unmovable in Him.      

​ There is a trumpet sounding in the Heavenlies ! 

GOD is going to WAR !   

Will YOU join Him ? 



        You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life​

      that he may please Him who enlisted him as a soldier​​                                                  2 Timothy 2: 3-4



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