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We are available for women's ministry , preaching , singing , and holding  Open-Air Quansit Hut Revivals.  Please Contact Us For Opening Dates. Thank-You

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Open-Air Quansit Hut Revival

  Julie Ring LeClair

                              Women's Ministry : Called to gather the bride and present her to the King.

                              Warrior Bride Trumpet

                          Operation Jesus Ministries: Founder

                              Lilies of the Valley : Founder

                             Victory Task Force : Founder

  Attended- Glory Tabernacle Bible Training Institute of Theology: 1998/ 2000 Georgia

  Graduated- Morris Cerullo School of World Evangelism: 2003 San Diego, California

  Ordained: 1996:  Church of Life Ministries: Georgia

  Licensed: 2018 Foursquare Minister; Missions; Evangelism

  Writer: Screenplays, Prophetic Movie Scripts, Books

  Young Adult Pastor and Youth Coordinator: Hilltop Foursquare Church




  Merle Ring

                                 Pastor/ Mentor

                             Owner/ builder of the Quansit Hut Trailer

                             Owner/ founder of Stone Cutter Records  / Cloud of Glory Music Publishing ( BMI) -

                             Country Gospel Music Association member

                             Nominated twice for "Songwriter of the Year", CGMA. 

  Written over 100+ songs. Quality air time / radio:  CD's available.

​  Published two #1 hit songs, "No life in the Nite Life" music CD,  Singer- W.C.Taylor.

​  " Going Through Some Memories"  " Heaven's Country " music CD.  Singer- Debbie White.

  1996Writer's Appreciation Award in recognition for the contribution to the ACA Project, "Country Boy's Dream" music CD

  (Songs on CD written by Merle Ring -  "Babe in the Manger" and "He is My Savior".  Singer - Jim Chaney).

  1997-2004  Pastor: Church of Life Ministries Rome, Georgia

  2005- 2009- Spiritual Father: Lilies of the Valley Women's Conferences  San Diego, California 

  King's Breakfast (Men's Ministry)  Kingman, Arizona

  New CD - "Hall of Fame in Heaven" ( with  Merle Ring , Jim Chaney, The Northern Lights, and  George War Eagle)

  Ordained : 1998


Kingman, Arizona

    Jeane Ring

                               Revivalist / Evangelist- Five-Fold ministry - 40+ years.  Church plants - 3 ( United States)

                              Co -Pastor: Church of Life Ministries  1997- 2004. 

                               Pillar of Truth Ministries - Certificate 2005.  

                           Training in Truth Boot Camp: Founder. New Encounter Family Worship- Founder.

                           Attended Pentecostal School of Theology  San Jacinto, California  1980 / 1982

   Ordained 1993:" Church on the Rock"  Beaumont, California  ( Jean is the first woman to be ordained as anEvangelist in 

   Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship through Church on the Rock,)



    Authored four books - " Always Before His Face" ," How to be Safe with God",  " Inside His Presence" and 

   " God Wrote A Story"  ( Jean's deliverance from occult and spiritual practices)


    Jean also is the author of all the courses, lessons, CD's and books that are used for Training in Truth Boot Camp