God doesn't make us give up those things that we love. When I was a

    teenager  the church told me that I couldn't go to the movies, (which I loved

    to do), I couldn't go to square dances, (mostly to see the girls)  and I sure

    couldn't have a fast, old car !!

    Well, I have been in love with cars since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

    I don't believe that God has a problem with it. After all, He rides around in

    a chariot  !

    I am seventy-three  years old  now and still going strong with my love for

    old cars. If this is you also, contact me. We have a lot catching up to do.....

 My past time besides music

  If you change the heart

  You change the mind

  If you change the mind

  You change the man

  If you change the  man

  You change the world

By Merle Ring

    Gospel MusicfromtheCountry 

 Cloud of Glory Music Publishing

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  • Taking Chances2:24

 God delivered me in 1980 from 28 years of drinking. A week later God gave me my first song. He told me to number it and date it. Today I have written about one-hundred songs from the Lord. My music has been played on radio and other gospel groups have used some songs in their ministry. My desire is to get my music out there, put it in other artists' hands and spread the gospel to the world.  

 If you are interested in learning more about the music and the ministry please contact me.