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    There is a very pressing need in the body of Christ today and that is the training up of a 

   mature, steadfast body of believers that know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in

   them. Nowhere in the word of God does it say that only a few select are suppose to do

   something for God. Everyone has a purpose , a destiny , a reason for being .  We all have a

   part in this thing called the ,"Kingdom of God".

   The enemy has robbed the church long enough. It's time to get serious about the plans and

   purposes of God. We need to "get out of the house" so to speak and see what is beyond the

   four walls of church.

   Saving souls , a good old repentance meeting , going out into the streets and the highways

   and byways and compel the lost to come into the saving grace of Jesus Christ. All night prayer

   meetings where the heart of God is spoken over the earth in power and boldness of the Holy

   Ghost until there is a breakthrough in the heavenlies...

   Healing revival meetings in the streets and parks , witnessing the mighty move of God's hand

   in a town or city in all HIs splendor and glory...

   Changed lives because someone let God be God !

   He wants to use you to do it too ! Yes He does ! God does not dwell inside of the four walls 

   of a building . He dwells inside of you ! you are the temple of the Holy Ghost , the earthen

   vessel that holds the treasure of the Ages . You are the one that He is seeking. You are the

   one that He is thirsting for . You stir His heart when He thinks about you .  you are that one !

   His thoughts of you are more than the stars in the heavens and the sands of the sea . He is

   longing for you . nothing else , just you ! And He doesn't want to leave you where you are .

   His plans for you are greater than you could imagine . He has heard you cries and your

   loneliness and He has plans to change some things for you , to give you a hope and a future .

   He is on your side . Don't be afraid or fear . God is on your side . Help is on the way ...

   If we are ever going to fulfill our destiny , we must start the process now . We must get back

   to our roots . We must begin to make disciples . Through that , churches will be birthed .

   The Five-Fold Ministry , God's Command Center , must be put back into place before the

   church can ever become all that God intended her to be .

   A church out of a church is on God's horizon

   Training in Truth Boot Camp is a call from God to raise up , to teach , train , and empower 

   the saints of God to become all that they can be in Jesus Christ . Never again will the enemy

   use you as a victim for you will conquer him and become a victorious warrior through the

   word that you have been taught and the power of the Holy Spirit .


    We are advancing on enemy territory and taking back what belongs to God . We are setting

   the captives free , restoring sight to the blind , healing those that are sick , raising the dead ,

   and healing the brokenhearted .


   Join us as we run our race , stay our course , and obtain our crown  .

Your life will never be the same !


​As the Deer Paneth for the Water Brooks​​​

    Do you want to burn for God ? 

    Do you want the" Fire of the Holy Ghost " shut up in your bones ?   

     Do you really ? Are you willing to pay theCost ???  Come on now, 

 Do you really want to know God ?